Widget problems

  • @junkitt OK, so I opeened ONE of the three files that I had compressed ad counted the number of screen pages I would have to take pictures of... there would need to be 16 screen shots of text. I don't think anyone would want to page through about 50 pages of this:

    ![0_1589227775145_Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 4.07.43 p.png](Uploading 100%)

  • @junkitt first one errored out because it was "too large" 1.4 mb as a png.

    Take two as a jpg.: 970 x 789, 545k:Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 4.14.19 p.jpg

  • @Korina May I please email this zip file to you?? The total size for file is 72K.

  • Administrator

    @junkitt Hi, could you rather upload a screenshot of your widget, what does it say/show?

  • Question: When I am logged in and look at my Windy app preferences, on the bottom of the side bar, I see "Your settings are saved to the cloud." Please tell me that this is being saved somewhere on your cloud.

    Personally, I do not use my cloud for anything. If Windy is looking on my 5xs of cloud's storage and not finding it, shouldn't there be some sort of error in the Error Console? Because, this is all I see: "Sweet, no errors reported :-)"
    even though I have 3 crash reports for Windy today.

    Can someone put me on the right track, please?

  • Administrator

    @junkitt When we say that your settings are saved to the cloud, we mean our cloud. So this should not be the reason.

  • @Korina This morning tne widget crashed at 8:37a EDT. I was working on one of the many daily puzzles at the time and didn't know it crashed until I went into Today to open something else via my launcher widget and saw the "unable to load" message. I tried removing the widget then adding it again, but tne result is the same.

    You should also know that other than right after the re-re-re-install, when I changed the metric setting to English, I did not touch the app. I did, however, use one of my browsers (firefox or savari) to look at Windy.com.

    So now you have some idea how long it takes before it crashes.

    I have all those wonderful widget crash reports that I have no way to get to you, should someone be willing to look at them. But until I can tet the widget to work for longer than a week, I'm not going to be able to justify sending youany money.


  • I miss the widget so much. It’s not working for me for a looong time. Looks the same as others describe – unable to load.

    The thing is, I’m an iOS developer, so maybe I can help with it?

  • Moderator

    @qizh said in Widget problems:

    ...The thing is, I’m an iOS developer, so maybe I can help with it?

    @Korina Please check and reply, thank you :)

  • I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back here to further comment, however, the widget has not had so much as a hiccup since my last install in May. I do want to thank everybody who tried to help me. And I still love Windy and I still miss having a radar widget, so if someone finds an app that has a radar widget for iOS, please pass the information my way. Please.

    And again, thank you, all.

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