Save/Remember last session settings as a default (on/off) as user defined default? Ex. SAVE session as login default (Y/N)

  • LOVE the app. Thanks for all the hard work!!! As I use it more it occurs to me that every time I launch it I have to start back at the beginning rather than having "last known" or user set "defaults". Zoom levels, locations last reviewed etc. Simple none intrusive cookie stuff. Am I missing something? Is there a SAVE and REMEMBER function? ie. Always save session settings for next login (toggle on/off should be a basic function)?
    I want to be able to set a location (like an LZ), zoom levels, condition parameters etc. then next time I launch the app have it ready to go for reviewing condition changes. Typically I'll do the initial location(s) sweep on a laptop, then want to have the same (last known good parameters viewed) display view on my smartphone or other device when I get on site at the location (or close - knowing whether to divert to an alternate LZ if necessary).(Or surf spot, boat launch etc.)

    Second: Feature Request. Can you add RIVER flow data? Ex. In the US, Cubic Feet Per Minute at report locations is critical for rafting, kayaking etc. THANKS!

  • yes please! I need a default zoom level setting, otherwise this app is getting almost too annoying to use

  • I'll third this!

    Each time I navigate the the site/app, I have to re-select the desired layer and zoom level. It would be such a relief if the site/app could remember this.

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