*WOW* - how can I contribute $$ ??

  • Windy Team!!

    I can't believe it took me until today to find this tool. AMAZING.

    I am a pilot and a boater, and have been looking for aviation weather, general weather forecasts, and wave / wave forecasts in one easy to use, super-cool tool and BAM! Here is it....

    Hopefully you have found a way to monetize and keep Windy dev going strong and rolling out new features, fixing bugs etc.... After an exhaustive search (probably just me) there doesn't seem to be a way for a user to send some financial assistance. I love the FREE model, however every once in a while something free is so fantastic you don't mind paying.

    Let us all know how to chip in if you are accepting donations for the cause ??


  • Agreed. You guys deserve some recompense for this app. The ONLY weather app I use anymore.

  • Yes, a donation button somewhere in the app could be a way for you to monetize. It could also be tied to crypto.

    Also lots of artists are using Patreon these days to monetize their otherwise free content. Maybe it could work for you as well?

  • agreed!
    I fear that this app will be taken offline it is TOO GOOD

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