Accurate sulfur dioxide readings

  • So I'm one of those affected by the recent volcanic activity on the big island of Hawaii. the sulfur dioxide readings given by the app can't be correct, I Highlighted directly over an active spewing volcanic vent, It is obviously not showing an accurate reading of sulfur dioxide from this site because it is showing only 0.14....

  • Hello, we procure the SO2 forecast from NASA and their GOES-5 model, that is updated once every 12 hours, provides 3 hours step interval and only renders with 22km resolution. Due to that, that forecast could be inaccurate on such 'small' levels as the volcanic fissures.

    We've also received a feedback, that 5+ppm units should be more comprehensible, than current ug/m3. What's your take on it?

    I hope you're safe.

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