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    I'm trying to revive this old topic that talked about the current colorscheme not being able to distinguish 13kt from 18kt. I am a sailor, and the green color currently ranges from force 3 to early force 5, which is a huge difference for kitesurfing, small boats travelling upwind, and many other wind-related sports. Currently you can't visually tell 13 knots from 18 knots, and there is a 2-fold change in wind pressure there (18^2 / 13^2 = 1.91), which is a lot!

    I'm a data scientist, and I spend a lot of time using colormaps and thinking about them. I can see that the current colormap is suffering from the same problem as the infamous and widely used Matlab's "jet": green colors are just all blurred together; you have no contrast there. Matlab since even changed away from Jet to a more perceptually balanced colormap. Same happened with matplotlib, and they have some discussion here

    I currently don't have a colormap in mind that would replace the current one, due to the required dynamic range. But I would be happy to work with someone from the Windy team to find/design one.

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    You can make your own settings and change the colour scheme. And then propose it to the developers as standard colour scheme.
    I have made my own settings and changed the colour palette specially below 11kt because I don’t like a dense blue colour when there is near no wind.


    The green colour cover the 11-16kt which is exactly force 4.
    What I would prefer is to have a precise limit between each colour range.

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