• Hi

    Great App, love it.

    Just wondering is there a way to set personal preferences when stating up?

    For example;
    -Default town, with a pull down to select other favorites?
    -Rain and wind graphs
    -Default weather prediction at the bottom?
    -Zoom in level?



  • I would like the same.

    Back when I first started using Windy the app seemed to start up where I last left it which was great. Now it starts in the geographical center of the country, USA, about 2000 km from where I want it. This is why I rarely use it anymore.

  • Sailor Moderator

    At least, if you set a town (or a place) as favorite, you just need to click on your "Favorites" and then on the selected town to zoom in near this place. With graph of rain and wind open for this town.

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