Different SO2 mass measurements for same address on desktop and mobile

  • Aloha, I live in Hilo and have been tracking the SO2 emissions from the volcano using your app (thank you!). This morning was particularly bad but subsided quickly. When I checked the levels on my desktop for 10AM today, they were 10.23 µg/m^3. At the same time I also checked my mobile app for the same location, date and time, and the levels were at 44.02 µg/m^3. This is a significant difference and I'm unsure which is closest to being correct.

  • Aloha bkrodrique. I live in Keaau and have been looking for a way to check SO2. CO2 and H2S emissions in my area. I cannot find how to:

    1. Pinpoint my street on the map and save that spot.
    2. Show the SO2, CO2 and H2S for that spot on the map.
      Can you help me figure out how to do this?
  • Sailor Moderator

    To place your town in your favorite, just zoom and click on the location. On the picker, click on the yellow arrow and then on the heart near the name on left high corner.
    But you don’t need the find your street because the precision (resolution) of the model is just 9 km or less than 6 miles


    Windy show SO2 and CO, but not CO2 nor H2S concentrations.

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