Place names Appearing in Scottish Gaelic can I change them back to English

  • I am a resident of the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. I use Windy frequently to decide on cycling routes. Recently i have noticed that all the placenames have changed to Scottish Gaelic. Is there a way to change them back to english? There are Gaelic speakers on the Island but English is the predominant language.


  • Moderator

    @alismith There is an option to see all map labels in English. If you open the menu in windy, then go to settings, There should be an option for English map labels. If the box is not already checked, click it.

    Or you can simply change the language of everything on windy to English if its not already.

  • @theradarguy Thanks for that, it works on the lower zoom levels but once you zoom in to see the detail the names are still Gaelic.

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