• While trying to register for Windy.com the process failed (three times, just checking) because I was found to be a spammer. And yet here I am, registered.

    I turned off my VPN (temporarily compromising my security), thus showing myself as coming from a different location from the previous failed attempts, and registration was smooth and simple. Which tells me that westerners are good and easterners are spammers.

    What I mean is, I was originally trying to register while connected to a VPN server in Hong Kong but couldn't because I was falsely identified as a spammer. But when I turned off my VPN and came from an IP address in Australia, I was falsely identified as a good guy. So all one needs to do to appear good is change their apparent IP address.

    My other concern is that Windy.com is sort of a useful site for the shipping industry. And I heard a rumor there were one or two small boats operating out of Hong Kong. What if those one or two people wanted to register and didn't know how to pretend to be good guys? I suppose it doesn't matter, it's not like one or two people represent any sort of significant market share. ;)

    The problem likely rests with NodeBB.

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