Help us to test new Weather Radar overlay

  • I'm in the US. It's very cool how the latest radar is persistent on my mobile app during animation. I can't find a setting to have this persistent current radar on my PC browser (Chrome) however. But thanks for everything - Windy is my favorite weather graphic software.

  • It's become my go to weather station. All the info at any location I need in florida and the southeast. I just got your app. Impressive. Easy to use, fast and current. How about tides? Tides in the Gulf of Mexico are crazy. A different system that the Atlantic. Keep it coming.

    Joe in Clearwater

  • WOW just WOW...all other weather sites now considered useless. An incredible product! Thanks!

  • @ivo
    Very usefull. No data for Portugal?
    Good work

  • Absolutely beautiful. Well executed. This is now my goto radar site.

  • Outstanding.....Thanks!!

  • Wspaniała praca, tak trzymać. Mieszkam w Polsce, dziękuje.

  • hope we get Australian weather radar! awsome work guys

  • That is absolutely outstanding work, all of you!!! I'm also fascinated with some of the extra layers: SO2 Mass, Dust Mass, Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Sea Temperature Anomolies - all of these are intensely exciting tools! Look around industrial nations, and see where the Carbon Dioxide is actually the worst... Or look at the area where you know a volcano is erupting... Hurricane and climate tracking... It just gets better and better! I go HERE with my first cup of coffee every day.

  • @greywolfofftz
    ... with my first cup of coffee every day.
    Me too!!!

  • Thank you for your hard work, guys! This site is awesome! I check it multiple times everyday!

  • Working in long haul communications, weather is a big factor in the quality of our comms. Using "Windy" really allows us to prepare for possible outages in Europe. Great work guys.

  • très bon site météo très bonne équipe…..continuer
    merci et bonne continuation…….

  • Very nice, useful, good graphics, good job. Congratulations!

  • Super,super!!!

  • Love the radar, It is the the one stop tool I use for most all things weather. Keep it up. Now just integrate lightning strike indicators with radar. Awesome App! Awesome Site. Give each other $20 =)

  • It’s useful and faithful to the radar coverage which CWB (Taiwan) offers for the area. It’s much improved over earlier efforts to incorporate radar on the platform.
    Any chance that it could be viewed as an overlay on the wind data? That would be just perfect.

  • I appreciate your hard work. You are now my Go-To weather site, and I'm a weather hound. Nothing is perfect, but you have done very well. Thank you again.

  • Wonderful display. I'm sure it will be very useful when the Hurricane season kicks in later in the Summer months. Central Florida weather can get pretty exciting in our Hot and Humid Summer months.

  • Since the update, switching to the Radar layer seems to always disable whatever isolines I have turned on. I like to leave the pressure isolines on all the time, and they stay when switching between the other layers, but as soon as I click radar they go away (and don't come back until I manually re-enable them).

    Other than that, the new radar layer is great (though like others in this thread, I did kind of like the ghost image of the most recent data).

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