Help us to test new Weather Radar overlay

  • @ivo said in Help us to test new Weather Radar overlay:

    As we are continuously improving Windy, we’ve never stopped thinking to create – and expand – the radar feature. However, this service is depended on various data providers, and each country has a different policy regarding the management of these data (see

    So far, our radar layer has been covering the USA (including Hawaii and coastal parts of Alaska), South Korea and a couple of islands in the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean.

    After a period of hard work, now we are excited to announce that the long-anticipated Weather radar for a large part of Europe is out! Radar is covering the area from Spain to Finland (see this table). We are gathering radar data for other countries and we will be adding them slowly.

    Check this most beautiful composite:


  • Meteoradar is excellent!

    Jiří Miroš

  • I like, well done
    Is it possible to reduce the speed of timelapse or choose this one ?

  • Moderator

  • think u can get the radar to updatelittle bit faster like a min update

  • Moderator

    @toddp2014 said in Help us to test new Weather Radar overlay:

    think u can get the radar to updatelittle bit faster like a min update

    There are 1 min radar data? Where can we get this ? ;)

  • Excellent Progress!! THANK YOU.

    Suggestions -

    1. Ability to enter "mouse-over mode" (both in radar and model views) where you can get lat/lon coordinates and data values displayed in a box just by mousing over. Mouse tip in this mode should be a cross-hair for accuracy. Speaking of getting lat/lon coordinates - is there no setting available to change to decimal degree coordinates?? I can't find it if there is - and MUCH NEEDED!
    2. keep adding more radars, particularly in Asia! (China would be a great 'next-step').

  • No radar data displayed at time of writing this. Just Grey screen with map outline. Don't think I even saw the radar areas marked come to think of it.

    Edit: sorry my mistake. Most of the world is showing no data. USA has data and I think a few spots around Europe.

  • Greetings from Ireland. Don't see a radar feed for Ireland yet. Remember we get your weather first so good heads up to see it early over Ireland. I assume the Irish Met Office pass it to your central database. We use Windy all the time for our sea kayaking planning. Great if we could get more tides info for coastal areas too, especially on the East coast.
    Love your site.

  • Really Like This!! Windy is a a great weather app!!

  • Amazing works ,that give us lots of benefit,but could we get the rader data of China Mainland ?
    The website of China Meteorological Data Service Center(CMCD)is: .

  • sehr informativ und interessant - ich bin ein Fan von dieser Seite

  • It's very cool and it's great to see the radar in Spain now, what would be missing would be the windshield with the radar, that would be the best to see convergence!

  • Is there already a android version with the new "Weather Radar Europe Feature" I can install?
    I have "Today Weather App" - which is including a version of Windy - installed and it has weather radar for europe, but with the Windy version in this app I can't store settings, as no login to seams to be possible. So I installed (and deleted) Windy serveral times from google play store, but I can't find the new "Weather Radar for Europe Feature". Only "Weather Radar for USA Hawaii, Alaska And Korea" can be choosen from more layers option. May be something is messed up with Google Play ? In my Windows PC with Firefox Google Play says last update for Windy is 2018-06-11, whereas Google Play on my Samsung S5 mini and on Samsung Tab S3 shows for last update of windy 2018-03-01 on the "Google Play Install Site". Even deleting Windy on my Samsungs and setting up Google Play to install Windy from the site showing 2018-06-11 as last updated installed only a Windy version without "Weather Radar Europe". Any help or idea? Or is thee a different location to install the correct Windy version from, or to download a apk-file with the newest Windy?

    PS: Weather Radar Europe looks great in Today Weather. And what is more important: it worked very fine, as I was able to observed and compare (with other weather apps and the real weather here) serveral hours of heavy rain and thunderstorms yesterday in Bavaria.

  • Yo les gars c'est top, juste une question, c'est uniquement les orages qui sont repportés?

  • Sailor Moderator

    Ce ne sont pas que les orages qui apparaissent sur les images radar, ce sont toutes les précipitations (pluie, averses, neige, grêle)
    Radar show not only thunderstorm rainfall but all kind of precipitation (rain, showers, snow, hail)

  • Sailor Moderator

    You probably mean Windshear ? :-)

  • pourquoi pas de radar sur les iles britanniques ce qui serait intéressant pour les perturbations qui viennent souvent de l'ouest….?????

  • Hi @locquin – because it's still a work in progress:

    Stay tuned! ;-)

  • It's.... fantastic :)
    Maybe it will be good idea to do 2 different maps of wind - on different altitude ? Then you can see wind going throug (L) low pressure area near ground, and on higher alt - dry air is looking for (H) to go down and close circuit. Maybe....

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