• Hi,

    Wonder if it would be possible to allow users to select the gap between isobars. Many of us are more used to 5 mb or 10 mb gaps. At a quick glance 2 mb gaps can be terrifying for an offshore sailor.

  • Sailor

    Hi, your remark is right when you zoom out (synoptic view) but Windy allow to focus on small areas and in this case a gap of 2 hPa is useful.
    At least a possibility to change to 4 hPa would be OK (WMO recommend 4 or 5 hPa and e.g. the Met Office use 4 hPa). That’s 1 isobar for 2 on actual Windy maps.

  • I'd like to support this recommendation as well.
    An option to choose 5 hPa or 4 hPa distance would be great!

  • Moderator

    What's the usefulness?

  • It is that most pressure charts use 5 hPa distance.
    If one is used to look at and read such charts it may be disturbing to look at the Windy isobars because it suggests much higher wind speeds. This is because of the isobars being more dense.
    Of course it isn't really more wind because of the 2 hPa distance but it looks like.


  • My support for this feature. I'd also prefer the 5hPa distance.

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