• See the two lakes in the northern portion of lower Michigan, USA. There is a box behind one of the layers that sometimes blocks the display of WAVES. You may need to scroll in or out to see it. This happens in the Android app as well as in Chrome on my desktop computer. Here's a pic:

  • Hi @csturgis , thanks for your message! It's because the data is missing. In fact, the values for the blue fragments of these minor lakes are not so reliable – they're only displayed because they're on the edge of the tiles that primarily show the values for the Great Lakes. Obviously, there are bigger waves / wind waves on the Great Lakes than on these minor lakes.

    @TZ , I was checking it on my Android as well as MacOS via Chrome, Safari and Firefox browser and I cannot even see the values for the fragments that @csturgis sent in the screenshot. However, I found out that there is no data for a huge part of the Great Lakes themselves (the northern part).

  • @marienka An hour after I submitted my comment, the WAVE function for the entire region (including part of the Great Lakes) was disabled. Now, no WAVE data is displayed in that area. Up until that time, WAVE functionality worked fine except for the issued I first reported. You can see that waves were displayed in my original pic. This is what I see now.

  • @csturgis @donaldboyer @dfoate

    So, the thing is that ECMWF (the data provider) has a data outage. There's nothing we can do about it at this moment.

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