Layer data not displayed by default anymore? Showing only temperature number

  • Hi

    I used to select a layer (e.g. visibility) and the map would display by default a color and a number of the amount of km of visibility. Now however, only the color changes but the layer data number is not displayed anymore. It keeps showing me for every layer the temperature of the locations. This happens for every layer.

    Was this changed in an update or is this a setting that needs to be changed? I didn't find any settings for this however..

    Thanks in advance!


  • Moderator

    I don't think windy ever displayed arithmetic values of the data on any layer.
    Only temperature values (whatever layer you select).

  • @gkikas-lgpz Pretty convinced that it used to show the same data and idications as on the mobile android app. The app immediately tells you the cloud base/vis/... when you select the layer, without you clicking on a location to obtain the data..

    I might be wrong but I'd like to see the same data layers displayed as on the mobile app, instead of only temperature in numbers.


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