Information correction

  • Dear Developer of Windy,
    First thank you for developing this great App, it is very helpful and unique comparing to other Whether Apps.And for that we congratulate you
    Second regarding the map of Saudi Arabia I have small correction yet it is very critical which is related to the regions of Saudi Arabia. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia constitutes of six (6) Regions which contain 14 Provences that include 118 entities . Each Provence has a capital and Buraidah is the capital of AlQassim _ Provence. The map in your App doesn't reflect this correctly as it doesn't show Buraidah in the first glance though it is the capital of Alqassim Provence but rather it shows Unaizah which is an entity in Alqassim Provence as the capital.
    I strongly believe that this correction will enhance your reliability as one of the important source of whether information. You can check this information in the

    I wish you all happiness and success..
    Ahmed Alghannam
    Saudi Arabia

  • Moderator


    As Ivo says:
    "If you think, that something is not correct, please go to and correct it"

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