Using Windy for educational activity ?

  • Has anyone use Windy in a classroom setting? If so what did they do? If not, do you have suggestions? I am teaching students about chaotic velocity and pressure changes (Turbulence)

  • Depending on your indices to locate activity - a number of layers display indications of related phenomena such as sea surface anomalies, and dust mass as they pertain to the formation of Hurricanes off the west coast of Africa. In with that the sea temperature itself as well as barometric pressure cells - combined with the direction and speed of winds AT DIFFERENT ALTITUDES (a feature that can also pinpoint which cloud layer is producing reported precipitation). Many views are available including THE OZONE LAYER... How thick or thin it is over various parts of the globe.

    So what I would suggest is be creative, and think what layers can be shown in combination to illustrate where your presentation is going!

    Using the Wind speed/Direction view, you can isolate the Jet Stream over north America, showing how it moves around at times.

    Under Sea Temperature the Gulf Stream is plainly visible as it feeds on the swirl in the Gulf of Mexico and carries this warm water mass up along the eastern seaboard.

    And of course it can zoom into the local micro view, or back out to a complete Global (or macro) view

    Once having explored these and other options, one of the more interesting and thought provoking "CHAOTIC" turbulence scenarios is the investigation into a large number of aircraft crashes and disappearences over the eastern Rocky Mountains/Sierra Nevada many years ago. These were attributed to unpredictable wind-shear over various portions of Nevada and surrounding areas.

    I found one video on it, I hope I may paste the link here at least (it is on youtube, and I can't rate the reliability of the source)

    However, in the later third or so of the video it explains what happens as the air moves over the mountains from west to east generating (on the Nevada side) extreme "waves" of rising and falling air, at times over 3,000 FPM

    It is in these later parts of the video interesting and educational points and theories are presented.

    I think I would give it a pretty good score - they touch briefly on and dismiss "ALIENS" as a cause of any of it. Likewise "AREA-51" is dismissed (after contacting Nellis) so the credibility of the film makers is solid, in my opinion

    In any event, see the whole video, think about what it implies (possiply for a class project...) and I hope something in all of this helps.

    ~Dutch J. (Former NAVY Instructor, RET'd)

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