Need help interpreting the meteogram

  • A couple of things elude me in the meteogram. There is a thin lin graph running through it, with no label. I suspect it may be the atmospheric pressure, but hard to tell.

    The 2nd thing is the label at left that says "Clouds, rain in". I assume that means rain in inches, but directly below it is a rain icon labelled "Rain" in dark blue, and the rain amount appears to be indicated by a vertical blue bar on the days when rain is predicted. So if the blue label and bars are showing rainfall in inches, what is the "Clouds, rain in." label indicating?

  • Sailor Moderator

    Yes the thin line is the atmospheric pressure. Values of pression are just above.
    Cloud, rain in. (or mm) is just a title.
    Rain in blue is the non convective rain shown in blue as a bar graph, together with convective rain in pink, or snow in light blue. Values of these type of precipitation are shown above the bar graph. 0_1529826279765_5A85C7EE-2DAC-46B1-8BF0-A2BE3743DE1D.jpeg

  • Thanks, very helpful!

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