• Hi guys,
    First of all thanks for this piece of great application! I came across it yesterday during my layover in a hotel (I've been a pilot for more than 40 years) and since then I've been exploring its capabilities.It is a great briefing tool I can tell you.
    I've got one remark to the NOTAMS section. Would be great to provide some tools:

    1. A filtering switch the NOTAMS according to their validity.
    2. Grouping them Active / Will be active
    3. Sorting them within the groups like:
    • Will be active in "N" (N= H1,H2,H3,......D1,D2,D3.....) where H = hours, D= days
    • Active Expires in "N" (N=H1,H2,H3...D1,D2,D3......M1,M2,M3.....Y1,Y2,Y3....PERMANENT)

    Maybe you've already had these just I didn't dig deep enough?

    Thanks again:


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