wind direction with radar

  • on the old Storm app in the US (New Mexico) you could track storms with radar AND wind direction (surface or jetstream) on AT THE SAME TIME! this was very helpful and as a result i never used the 'future animation' feature as i could watch a storm, cell, hail etc. move in real time with both the radar and wind stream direction overlays turned on. i do not like the new Storm Radar app. which is why i am now using Windy. I really did like the old Storm app. which is no longer supported. am looking for something along the same lines and Windy seems to be going in that direction. good luck!

  • +1 for me too. Would like to overlay radar (and storm fronts) over top of your wind layer. The MyRadar app does this, but the wind animation is surface only and does look very good.

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    a good approximation for short-term forecast of tstm movement
    is by using upper winds at 850 hPa (5,000 ft) or 700 hPa (10,000 ft).

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