• How do I display various hurricane tracks in windy?

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    @jswai Windy currently does not display hurricane tracks at all. However, you can simply play through various layers like wind or rain, for example, to visualize how the hurricane will track over time.

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    How do I display various hurricane tracks in windy?

    Agreed - hurricane/storm track optional overlay would be a nice toggled function to have.

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    You can use several layers on Windy to detecting and following hurricanes and tropical storms. If you dig yourself deep enough in meteorology and you can use Windy with a good ability, you will be able to predict quite accurately hurricane and tropical storm tracks.
    Today there are 4 active tropical storms according to WeatherUnderground.
    On the following pictures I will show you that how accurate Windy is, and how easy anybody can predict the motions of these tropical storms.

    The 4 tropical storms according to WeatherUnderground.

    Hurricanes and tropical storms often develop in LOW pressure systems, as you can see in the screenshots!

    On the "Wind" layer we can see an intense average wind around the tropical storms. (Except the left one: TD Twenty six, it seems that it's weaker than the others, or maybe it is in the developing section.)

    3 of the 4 tropical storms are really strong, so these are much more identifyable than the 4th one (the left one: TD Twenty six), though this is weaker than the other 3, it's quite precisely recogniseable thanks to Windy precision.

    On the "Rain, Thunder" layer it can be seen that around each tropical storms there are large amount of precipitation.

    From the "High clouds" layer we can estimate the path (movement) of the pressure systems in a visual form. As I can see the right one (TS Florence) is going to westwards, into Florida and The Bahamas; the second one from the right (Olivia) is going to north-east, towards the coast of Mexico; the third one (Norman) is going to south-west direction, towards Australia and New Zealand; and the last one in the left (TD Twenty six) is going to westwards, towards the Philippines and Indonesia.

    As looking at the "Pressure" layer we can recognise the 4 tropical storms' LOW pressure system areas.

    I hope that maybe this short presentation help you to use Windy and have a better ability to make conclusions about tropical storms.

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    Windy visualise weather models. But the track of hurricane that you see on some weather websites are drawn by meteorologists, for instance from NHC (Weather models don’t draw hurricane tracks directly)
    However you can do easily the job yourself as this example with Florence hurricane


    Select Wind or Wind gusts layer
    Place a waypoint for each position of the hurricane eye for each day forecast (use the time slider).
    To place waypoints use the Distance & Planning tool (click on RH mouse button)
    At the end you can take a screenshot of you job.

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