SO2 measurements in Lower Puna, Big Island, Hawaii

  • Aloha! Can you confirm if you are collecting SO2 data East of Pahoa, Hawaii and South of Vacationlands, down to and past Kalapana? I've been viewing your information several times a day for the past 3 days, and looking into the future, and it is showing this area clear of SO2 when I know it cannot be. I live down near Kalapana. Tradewinds have been blowing plumes from the eruption and lava ocean entry over our neighborhoods. Would be really really essential for us to have a solid handle on what is in our air... if it's just stinky sulphur or worse. Seems it's much worse over the entire island, so that leads me to believe there's no monitoring of SO2 in our really fragile area. There's over a thousand of us trying to live down here. Mahalo for your time!

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