• How do I change this on my Android?

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    As I see, there is no answer yet. Though I'm an iPhone owner, but I hope I can help you.
    There is no option for this on iPhone as I know, maybe nor on android.. You can change it only on the online https://www.windy.com/?visibility,46.920,21.533,4 website (at visibility) by clicking to the unit in used, so it will switch to another units, you can choose that you want by your discretion.
    Anyway you can determine it by calculator with the following formulas:

    1 KM = 0,54 NM (nautical miles)
    1 KM = 0,62 SM (statue mile)

    1 NM = 1,852 KM
    1 SM = 1,61 KM

    Or direct change it simple with a converter application, such as "Vert" or "Amount Plus", these are the best converters as my experience.

    You have 3 options with the units of visibility on the website:

    • km
    • sm
    • flight rules (LIFR, IFR, MVFR, VFR - in aviation)

    Some screenshots of it:



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