Thermal weather for Gliders

  • Hi all,

    would you know how to set up this app in order to get a quick view of thermal weather for gliding pilots?


  • Can I add to this question?

    Great service on Windy, awesome data and comparison possibilities.
    For glider use/ forecasting, any chance to add a few more parameters?
    CAPE is already there, but in my opinion not a good thermal predictor.

    Would it be possible to add one or several of (thermal gliding parameters):

    • vertical wind speed
    • Lifted Index
    • Storm Helicity
    • Thermal base (as suggested in another post)
    • Boundary layer height (absolute and if possible also relative to ground)
    • Sounding / Stueve for major points

    I appreciat that this is a free service and much done in spare time.
    Cannot speak for others, but I would be happy to pay a yearly subscription for this great source of weather forecast data.

    Many thanks,

  • Moderator

    Talking about ECMWF forecast products
    I don't think that any of the above mentioned parameters are available
    (EXEPT soundings).
    In the latest newsletter (No. 156, page 37)
    is mentioned that soundings are available.
    Hope some day windy will add these diagrams.

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