how do i interpret thunderstorm layer?

  • how do i interpret thunderstorm layer? the areas around me with thunderstorms are not highlited in any way that i can see. thx.

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    As my knowledge and experience, you can reach the thunderstorm layer by choose the "Rain, thunder" layer option, and beside this you can choose the unique "Thunderstorms" layer to see only the thunderstorm layer. If you choose the "Rain, thunder" uniform layer you will see a complex layer on the map, including: rain, snow and thunderstorm layers at once, which is nice to see in my opinion. The thunderstorm layer appears as little lightning signs, and the storm intensity is distinguishable by its size and luster. So in the case of light thunderstorm, it's small in size and appears as pale, transparent lightning signs; but in the case of strong severe thunderstorm, it becomes bigger in size and appears as shiny, luminous lightning signs.

    I have found a severe thunderstorm in India, I made screenshots of both the two cases that I wrote: the complex layer "Rain, thunder" and the unique "Thunderstorms" layers.

    I attach these screenshots here:

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