SOLVED July Snow Off Florida Coast???

  • Might want to take a look at the new rain/thunderstorms feature; shows snow off Florida in the Gulf.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Not the symbols, read the text caption over the marker. That was a super-low effort reply from you, by the way. Might want to give a BIT more thought to a bug report.

  • @idefix37 sorry, I know ZOOM and READING can be HARD. HERE YOU GO BUDDY.

  • @idefix37 Just in case...

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    OK with the zoomed view, I can read it... which was not possible for me with your first screenshot

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    @baconalia said in July Snow Off Florida Coast???:

    Might want to take a look at the new rain/thunderstorms feature; shows snow off Florida in the Gulf.

    It's maybe a little error of the weather model (ECMWF), because of its appears only at some little points, it's hard to find anyway, at least for me it was hard to find that "Rain, snow" or "Wet snow" flagged little area.. The reason that I think this is an error is come from that I watched several other layers: such as Rain accumulation, New snow, Thunderstorms, Temperature (surface and 1500m), Clouds and CAPE index. I attach the screenshots of all the layers that I compared and from which I made the conclusion.

    Here you can see that it came westwards in the last few hours (according to your screenshot), and the little "snowy" error area still there.

    And I have found these two other indications (snow, rain with snow) near the above point, but these are hard to find too.. the indicator shows it only at little specific points.

    This screenshot shows the rain accumulation data for the same area.

    As you can see, the unique snow layer doesn't show anything.

    The thunderstorm layer shows that close to this "snowy" point there is a light thunderstorm, and these "error snowy points" can be found at the edge of that.

    The temperature layer shows that there is 26°C at the surface right now and 17°C at 1500m height. So these are not really match the conditions for the formation of snow..

    The clouds layer shows that there is overcast clouds (99%) and it shows for this point a 1,1 mm rain.

    And at the last screenshot you can see the CAPE index layer, which indicate a light thunderstorm too, according to the amount of energy.

    So according to the above threads, I think this is an error of the weather model - ECMWF.
    And the "snow" indication is a false signal in this case.
    I hope that I can help you with this.

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    Doesn't pan out, the NAM5km model shows rain/show when dragging all over south FL

  • @csabatatar Isn't the ECMWF model, see above reply.

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    I still think the same, with the NAM 5km model too.. maybe it's a common error of both the two weather model. I live in Europe, but I don't think that snow condition in Florida or near to that can be true in July....
    I think that is only rain, despite of that the flag indicator shows "snow". Or if somehow it could snowing in some altitude, thats anyway melts in lower altitude, and change its consistency, so it becomes rain at all.

    In addition, if you look at the Basic, or the more detailed Metogram forecasts interface, you will see that it doesn't mension any snow, but the flag indicator says: "Rain, snow", so it proves that it's false indication.

    The screenshot of this:

    It shows only heavy rain (29 mm).

  • Well that is the point. It falsely indicates snow and there ought to be a workaround. Somewhere in the logic interpreting the model data there would need to be a sanity check and correction for this erroneous labeling of snow, freezing rain, etc.

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    First of all remember that it's free.. so such a little problem is not so significant problem.
    Despite of this little thing it's still work fine, and still the best weather visualisation website on the internet in my opinion!

    It's okay, that there ought to be a workaround. But if this is an error of the weather models, Windy has nothing to do with it, because this website is only capable to visualize the weather models' datas. But I don't know whether is it a programming error at windy, or what. Because according to my previous reply, as the screenshot of the Meteogram shows that there is no snow at all.
    So it would be great, if anybody expert programmer could look at this labeling error, maybe it can be simply fixed.

    @Marienka @dzuremar @TZ @TomSlavkovsky @Tomber42 @Gkikas-LGPZ
    Maybe you guys/ladies know something more precise conclusion of this little error?

  • Hey guys, thanks for your reports and discussion, I've been keeping an eye on it since yesterday... I personally have no conclusion for you as I'm not a programmer, however, our boys will check it out.

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    Okay, thank you @Marienka .

  • @marienka Thank you! By the way, is this an open source project? I'm happy to help.

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    @baconalia @csabatatar @idefix37 Thank you for your feedback and documentation of the bug. We will fix it in the next release, hopefully during next week.

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