• How do I get an over lay of tides in an area

  • Pilot

    You can activate the tide forecasts at the right hand bottom of the website page (the last icon on the icon bar, next to the webcam icon).
    By activate it, you will experience that it will appears at some coastlines, unfortunately there are no tide indication data for all the shores.
    You can find tide forecasts in North-West of Europe, in the USA coatlines up to Canada, in Central America (such as Mexico, The Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua), in the East Coast of South America, in Japan, in Australia, in Papua New Guinea, in Solomon Islands, in New Zealand and some other little islands.

    Some examples by screenshots:
    0_1531435297805_Képernyőfotó 2018-07-13 - 0.38.51.png

    (the little yellow points at coastlines indicates the tide forecasts)
    0_1531434848498_Képernyőfotó 2018-07-13 - 0.12.03.png

    0_1531434860528_Képernyőfotó 2018-07-13 - 0.12.48.png

    0_1531434869272_Képernyőfotó 2018-07-13 - 0.15.30.png

    0_1531434884236_Képernyőfotó 2018-07-13 - 0.16.16.png

    0_1531434895839_Képernyőfotó 2018-07-13 - 0.30.20.png


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