How can I make a video of an historical animation?

  • How can we make a video and turn it into a link to be shared with facebook friends?
    Historical animations are such a great feature, particularly when analizing weather caused incidents, such as offshore search and rescue, estimating probable drift patterns, etc. Thank you.

  • Go to history, & close calendar. You will find common video bar on bottom of a page

  • @ivo Thanks for your swift reply. I know how go to settings, click "show historical data", choose the date in the calendar and then close it, then mark a coordinate of interest to show wind data on it, after I click the "play" video button and watch the animation, as the red time line bar shows progress through the days ahead. MY QUESTION really is HOW can I turn this animation (including the point of interest marker, if possible) into a video link that I can post in my facebook so that my friends can click "Play" and reproduce and see the same animation I saw on my own Windyty screen, in a similar manner to those videos or movies that you show on your own Windyty facebook. I am trying to help with a search and rescue operation for a missing sailboat that was caught in a storm and probable remained dismasted and adrift. Such a viedo/movie may help estimate the subsequent drift pattern od the drifting sailboat.

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