10 Day Forecast?

  • Can we please get a 10 day forecast? I have been using windy for farming and there use to be at least 7 days but now I can only get 5 days. It would be great if I could get 10 days. So far windy has been more accurate than all of the other weather places.

  • @ccraig0369
    You have it!

  • Not when you drill down into an area or select a town. Not 10 day

  • Sailor

    You know that the forecast error increases as the duration of the forecast gets longer. Up to 5 days you can expect a correct forecast for a given place, but frankly, beyond it’s better to look at the map more generally to have a regional trend but not a precise local outlook.

  • I understand that it is not going to be as accurate. However with farming it helps some to get an idea of what it says for the next 10 days. I know it might not be as spot on as the 5 day. Mainly I am looking at chance of rain accumulation. To make good hay we need 5 days of dry here. To be able to plan that 5 days its nice to see a 10 day forecast.

  • Sailor

    Understood. Do you use too the rain accumulation display? It should help you a little.


    In the weather picker it gives rain accumulation on Day3, Day5 and Day10, so you get the rain accumulation between Day5 and Day10.
    But it does not give an idea of rain accumulation between Day3 and Day8 for instance.

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