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    Base map is adjusted to show Country names at zoom level 4,
    Capitals at zoom level 5,
    Big cities at zoom level 6 and so on.
    BUT ...
    island names are not shown in any zoom level.
    Try to find Sicily, Crete, Guam ...

    Is there any setting for it?

  • Administrator

    @gkikas-lgpz Hi! This is known issue. We are now adjusting how the labels are generated/displayed so maybe we will be able to improve it.

  • Sailor Moderator

    You are right, it’s impossible to find small islands (or it’s necessary to know exactly where they are) e.g. Greek islands, Lesser Antilles, Canarian islands.....And same with small countries like Liechtenstein, Switzerland... For me there is no need to show first the capital or the main town. It is much more important to show the country name and to keep it not shaded. Towns should appear at lower zoom levels.

  • Sailor Moderator


    Hi, I have not seen any changes to the island names since your message a year ago. The main cities are always displayed first, but the name of the island only appears when we zoom in on the detailed map.
     I understand that Windy uses the same base map as Windy Maps. This application correctly displays the names of the islands, why Windy cannot do it the same?


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