• Dear Sirs, I want to suggest if it is possible to change the followings subjetcs:

    1. When you observe the Meteogram, the Wind gusts are in the same color as the Wind although there are some times in wich they are higher, but they maintain the same color.
      Is it possible to change the color respecting the different speeds?.

    2. In ECMWF Meteogram, the cloud base is shown in ft.
      Is it possible to change it into meters?.

    The web page is excellent! thanks a lot!! Kind regards.

  • Sailor Moderator

    This post is deleted!

  • I think you did not understand my suggestion.
    Today in Windy, and always referring to the Meteogram section: Wind and Gusts use exactly the same color always, although the difference is very big between them. In many cases Gusts is double the speed than Winds, and they are shown with the same color, which is not correct.
    Also, it is not true that if the Gusts is higher than Wind it is displayed in a different color (as you said). It always shows in the same color whatever the difference in speed. Which is not correct.
    The example you are showing (photo) is not from the Meteogram, and I always refer to the Meteogram.
    I do not want to change any color, the only thing I suggest is that the Meteogram differentiates (with different colors automatically) the different speeds between Wind and Guest, because they have a different speeds.
    I hope I have been clear. Regards.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Sorry I have not used "Meteogram" but "Basic" diagram.
    You are right, there are no color differences between Wind and Gusts on "Meteogram". I think the colors are based on Wind only.
    Best regards

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