• Im based in HK English speaker but all city map displays are in Chinese. How to change the default to English?

  • Hi @mbook131 , does this happen only in the app / mobile browser, or also in desktop version? What OS?

    Most importantly, have you changed your preferences in Settings? (you must be logged-in to be able to save your preferences)

    1. English map labels = On / Off ... No matter what language you have set for the whole Windy web/app.

    2. Language = automatic / English / Chinese / Russian / Arabic ... You can choose the language that you want for your whole Windy web/app including all menu boxes but also map labels (unless you selected "English map labels = On").

    Both 1. + 2. are subject to condition that a particular map label has been translated/transliterated to the desired language. It is a matter of the database that we use for this purpose. If you see a label on the map that has not been translated/transliterated, please approach OSM directly and suggest a translation. Thank you!

  • Hi @Marienka I got same problem...I wanna change the language => English

    but it is able to change the menu... not on the map...

    this problem is only App... not Web, Not mobile Web

    actually i'm using IPhone X now

    please reply me

    Thank you

  • Hi @wooseok-jang , do you have "English map labels" on? Please also check my previous reply in this thread.

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