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    It would be great if Favourites can save in the same way as URL Parameters.

    Currently I have some favourites saved, and I prefer this because they sync across all of my devices, however as a 'favorite', a preferred direct go to link each day, for direct quick access to a particular location and view, they don't work very well (unless I'm doing something wrong?).

    I would prefer that favourites not be just about a location, but also save the zoom level, the layer, the preferences - the entire view for that location, for that favourite.

    Eg: at the moment I go to https://www.windy.com/?clouds,52.025,19.556,6,i:pressure,p:off each morning, and if there are clouds (ok, it's Poland so yes probably there are clouds... :) ) next I switch to the rain layer after that, but unfortunately my favourites are of no help in this situation, and using them only adds multiple more clicks to get to what I would like to view each day.

    Doesn't anyone else have the same situation (or am I doing something wrong?) ?

    So currently I'm saving the URL links in my browser to solve this problem, but it would be great if these were the same as favourites so that they would be saved in Windy and sync across all of my devices and apps.

    Thanks :)

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    Saving the URL for a layer and for a specific location is a good way.
    But you can also just first select a layer (Clouds as in your example) and then click on one of your favorites. Automatically Windy zoom on the favorite locality and open the « Basic » diagram concerning this place. Then you can switch on other favorites.... Of course this is not a solution if you want to see the Wind for a favorite and the Waves for another one.
    Note that the Cloud layer also shows rain.


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    Yes but as you mentioned this doesn't work for all situations.

    It would be simpler if Windy could just amend Favourites to save the exact URL Parameters so that the location, the zoom level, the layer, the preferences - the entire view for that location, is saved.

    I hope someone from Windy is monitoring this thread because I didn't see any reply from them here.

    I did however see a different thread on the zoom level changing unexpectedly, which is quite frustrating (https://community.windy.com/topic/6388/zoom-level-in-url-is-lost-when-displaying-detailed-forecast/4) hence why I would just prefer Favourites to let me go to the exact view, with the exact zoom level that I want, everytime.

    THANKS :)

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