UNSOLVED Zoom level in URL is lost when displaying detailed forecast

  • When I load the following URL the map immediately zooms out to the (default?) level 7 even though the URL specifies level 13:
    It first loads at the correct zoome level but switches to level 7 before it's done loading.
    This is really annoying because it also means that when I switch between forecast models the map zooms out again, making it really tedious to compare the models.
    I am using chrome on Linux.
    Thanks for looking into this!

  • Hi @tve , yes this is true, it happens with any zoom level other than 7; when you copy & paste the URL or switch between forecast models in forecast detail, the map will zoom to level 7 by default.

    It's not a bug but a standard feature. However, we will think about it some more.

    As I'm sure you already know, you can quickly and easily compare the locally available forecast models by clicking on Compare (example: zoom 13 on ECMWF [can't reproduce this via URL] –> zoom 13 on Compare). That is actually the only 'forecast model' that keeps the selected zoom level fixed.

  • @marienka It baffles me that you would think of this as a feature not a bug. I specifically enter a zoom level in the URL and the first thing the site does is wipe out what I entered and switch zoom level. To add insult to injury, when I have the detailed forecast open in the bottom it centers the coordinates in the URL in what is visible of the map but then the + zoom button zooms in on the center of the window, which is lower, so after three clicks on the + button the point I specified wanders off-screen at the top. It's most user UNfriendly!

    The compare feature is nice, but it doesn't change the vector field shown on the map (which is understandable)...

  • @tve I totally get your point and agree with you on that. Maybe I wrote it a little awkward – saying that it is not a bug but a standard feature. All I was trying to say is that we know about it (I was asking) and that it has been a standard behavior, not a newly-created bug.

    I also reported it to our database and asked our developers what can be done about it. I personally am not a programmer, however, I'm doing my best to reflect feedback from our users. :)

  • Is there any way to get this fixed? It's so annoying.

  • ​UPDATE for developers: Now the zoom level will change to 8 (not 7 as it was before).

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