• One extra feature on Windy. At the moment there are many forest fire in the world. I live in Sweden. I think there are much people interesting now about forest fire.
    People are sometimes desperate and affraid. Maybe a temporary feature special in the summer. What do you think mr. Administrator?

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    And where should the free data come from?

  • Hi @EMX325 , thanks for your message! We have already noted this idea in our backlog and are planning to implement this feature sometime in the future. :)


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    This feature CAME TRUE and works fine now on Weather Warnings layer.
    In addition it includes several other warnings, not only forest fire, but because of this, from now Windy has much more useful and life saving capabilities with this brand new "Weather Warnings" layer than ever.

    The weather warning types:
    • Rain
    • Thunderstorms
    • Flood
    • Fire
    • High temperature
    • Low temperature
    • Wind
    • Fog
    • Waves, sea phenomenon
    • Snow
    • Air quality
    • Avalanches

    There are 2 colour scheme options for the layer:
    • colorize by the intensity of the phenomenons (moderate, severe, extreme)
    • colorize by the type of danger (according to the list above)

    The signs of different phenomenas discretely signed by little symbols as you can see on the screenshots below, it has a description for its meanings on the bottom right corner in the second choosable colour scheme (as you can see on the second screeshot below).

    And finally, it has a time changing option to show the corresponding data on the map, which are the followings:
    • All available
    • Today
    • Tomorrow
    • Later

    Example screenshots:

    • colorize by the intensity of the phenomenas scheme option


    • colorize by the type of danger scheme option


    The corresponding new thread:

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