Apparent temperature? (or Heat index)

  • Hello everybody.

    I'm melting right now and I wanted to check on the apparent temperature, for the obv. reasons :D

    I'm wondering if there is something to look at or that's a feature planned?

    The closest I came was to use the map of Dew point and the temperature map. And use the calculator to find app.t. of the place I was looking into at the moment.

    Thanks :)

  • Moderator

    Previously, Marie (a Windy Administrator) replied to a similar question this way:

    Hi, thanks for your message, we're really happy that you like Windy!

    As to your suggestions - we do have "Humidity" and "Dew point" as individual layers but not a combination of these two + air temperature as a "Heat index" layer, the same with "Windchill" (wind speed + air temperature). It's not our priority at this moment, but we will certainly think about it! All the best ~ Marie

    It's on their "thinking about list" so perhaps if many others request this feature perhaps it will move to the "working on it" list.

  • @jiminsandiego I'm (so far) a very passive/casual user of Windy. If I'm reading this discussion correctly, there's currently no heat index/"real feel" temperature reading and requires the user to calculate on their own using other existing readings/layers?

    What about wind-chill?

    I'm on mobile and will continue to explore, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask nicely.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jei (J31)

    /Minnesotan here
    //wannabe-weather geek

  • Moderator

    I'm a former Wisconsinite so I understand your desire for Wind Chill. Unfortunately there is no Wind Chill layer on Windy. For that matter, there is no Heat Index either. There are no plans to add them anytime soon. There likely is a huge suggestion list but these two layers are not very far up on the list. Sorry. If we and many others keep bugging them, err suggesting the addition of Heat Index and Wind Chill then they might get pushed up the list.

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