Windy Plugin system. Help needed.

  • Administrator uses internally system of lazy loaded plugins, that can enhance Windy's functionality. Most of the advanced features you see on Windy, is Windy's plugin. Detail of spot, detail of airport, distance measurement etc. Developing of such an plugin is easy, it is just Single JS function, that contains HTML, CSS and executed JS code. For compilation of Windy plugin we use RIOT JS framework, but just as tool to compile HTML, CSS and JS together.

    You can imagine that Windy plugin is something like a browser extension, but it extends Windy's functionality.

    The question is

    Would you like to develop your own Windy plugin and extend Windy's functionality?

    We would provide basic tooling, docs and boilerplate to develop and publish such an plugins.

    All these plugins would be published as npm package and anyone who uses could install any of such a plugin

    The most quality plugins would be presented i our plugin's gallery

    Please let us know if there is a need for such a technology.


    Please note that Windy API v3 (the hated and depreciated iframe version of our API) will be decommissioned in the future.

  • "Would you like to develop your own Windy plugin and extend Windy's functionality?"


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