Simultaneous display of radar, wind animation, isobars, and fronts

  • Is there a way to simultaneously display
    Wind particle animation
    Pressure info - isobars, L’s, H’s, pressure values, etc
    And RADAR?

    Being able to do this would make Windy my favorite wx application of all time

  • Sailor Moderator

    On Windy you already have the forecast of wind (animation of particles) and atmospheric pressure (isobars), as well as the position of the centers of high and low pressure.


    These maps are issued directly from numerical weather models raw data.
    And the fronts ? They are not drawn by these models but by meteorologists. So they can not be displayed on Windy !

  • Moderator

    The short answer about fronts is no but maybe someday. Displaying fronts is an option frequently requested but my understanding is that currently the drawing of fronts need human interaction for accuracy and Windy only uses computer automated data. The Windy team simply does not have the time to draw and keep updated all the worldwide fronts. Computer models are not yet sophisticated enough to automate this process accurately but the good news is there is much research being done these days. Rest assured, the Windy team is constantly researching and evaluating computer models which could automate the process but have not found a satisfactory solution. If you would like more information try using the search feature here and read more about this topic. One I like is

    You can get rain, wind and pressure displayed on one screen by choosing the Rain/Thunderstorm overlay and clicking to display pressure lines in the lower right corner (see pic)

    0_1533488122670_Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 9.44.33 AM.png

    You just don't have the radar animation available. This gets you close to everything you want.

  • Sailor Moderator

    In addition to the response of @JimInSanDiego, you must consider that weather radars show rain/snow in the near past while Wind overlay is forecasted wind ... in the futur. So difficult to mix them.
    If you want to have radar and wind together, it’s better to select « Reported wind » and « Weather radar » Even if there is, may be, a small time difference between these 2 types of observation.


  • @idefix37 Thanks. I have been aware of the availability of these things on Windy. I was looking for something that displayed all of this simultaneously. I, as others, seek a replacement for the amazingly wonder for app Storm as its producers replaced it with a really poor substitute.


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