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  • You have the "compare weather" option which is really nice, but it would be nice if you could calculate an average and display it at the bottom of the compare tab. At least with temperature and wind speed it would be nice, even if not doing an average for actual weather forecast, the temp and wind would be nice.

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    @Matuko Of course, it wouldn't take long for you to calculate it yourself. For example: add up all the temperature forecast numbers from all the available models for one timeframe. Then divide that number by how many weather models are in the comparison chart, and there you go. An average forecast number that takes literally less than 30 seconds.

    Hope this helps

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    The "average" temperature (or wind, or rainfall)
    (as it comes from the addition of values of different models
    divided by the number of wx. models),
    is not necessarily more accurate than the temp. given by a single model.

    For short range forecast, we (meteorologist) preffer to compare
    real-time observations with model data
    to determine which model is "on track" with the real situation
    ("Model of the Day" approach).

    For medium range forecast,
    combination of information from different models
    (or different runs of the same model)
    is a good approaching method.

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