• Love Windy app, but as a green colorblind I would like to see more than one (1) color theme.

  • Sailor Moderator


    You can change the color of most layers by yourself and replace a color by another one.
    In Settings, select Customize color scale. (On the picture below, note that I have changed the colors on my side, so they are different from what you see on your own screen for Wind)


    To modify for instance the Green corresponding to 20 knots, you can modify directly the RGB values (using a conversion chart)
    By clicking on the color you open a small pop up and you can change the color with the slider 1 and adjust the brightness/density with slider 2.
    At the end Save if you are satisfied.

    You can also change the wind speed corresponding to a color, or add new wind figure and color in the range (add new line).

    The way to modify other layers is the same.
    If you need further help, just let us know.

  • @idefix37 in my menu there is Settings but i don find were changing colors or other..

  • Moderator

    Only in web version

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