Can I point to one of my posts while posting a new message?

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    I have posted numerous times answering user questions. One thing I don't know how to do is point to a previous posting of mine when answering a question for a new user. Windy is adding more users everyday and often they ask a question which I or someone else has already answered. Is it possible to give a link to one of my previous answers when I am answering a new user's question?

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    @JimInSanDiego You can put a link in your response to a forum post where the question is already answered. I've seen people do that a lot.

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    More precisely :
    Open your old answer
    Copy the complete URL from your navigator bar
    Paste it in your new answer as a link.
    However by this way you paste the complete topic and not only your own answer.
    So when my answer is in the middle of a long topic, I just copy the text/image/link themselves and past them in my new answer.

  • Hi @JimInSanDiego , even more precisely: What I do sometimes is that I copy and paste the URL of the particular comment by clicking on the time it was posted (e.g. “about 6 hours ago”; it actually works quite like Facebook). However, sometimes it gives you a misleading number at the end of the URL. You need to scroll the page so that the particular comment is on the top of the screen, then click on the time info, copy the URL (note: if you cannot get the particular comment into the URL, you can just write the number manually), and paste. Then you can see that it was the right comment when you click on the link –> it opens the thread –> the particular comment will be blue underlined.

    Example: –> should be a comment by TheRadarGuy

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    Thanks all. I have copy and pasted the complete URL link to the complete topic in the past but if my answer is a ways down the topic, the person reading my response might not find it. Next time I will try Marie's suggestion so I can point directly to my previous posting.

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