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  • Just wondering, why in the app on the Weather Radar does it only tell me what has happened, and doesn’t show an actual forecast. Seems to be the opposite of a weather radar if it only tells you things that have happened in the past, 23 mins ago a thunderstorm hit. I know, I’m wet and cold! Thanks.

  • Moderator

    The weather radar displays recent past up to 12 hours and the current precipitation. It is not a forecast tool except that you can view the radar loop and see which direction the rain/thunderstorms are moving.

  • Sailor

    Weather radars provide images of instant rainfall. If you gather images during the last hour, it will give you a sort of video of the last rainfall during this hour.
    A weather radar can NEVER provide predictive images.
    Same as your camera can take pictures or video but never shows images of the future.
    Weather website or App showing so called « future radar » show an extrapolation of the last radar image applied during the next hour. If a new rain zone appears during this time you will not see it. However there are some high resolution weather models which are able to provide rainfall forecasts that look like a radar image. This not radar but just an avatar of radar.

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