Windy sucks after update

  • Edit/unsubscribe from alert is impossible. App doesn't work. I deleted spot directly in app and am I still receiving alerts regarding this spot! When I click on icon alert, Windy crashes.

  • Moderator

    You seem to have made a radical conclusion about Windy but provide little information like web browser, iOS or Android App.. Here is how I delete alerts successfully.

    Click the Menu icon 0_1534201964296_Menu Bars.png in the upper right corner to get to the menu.

    Next click the Edit Alert in the location of the alert you want to delete. 0_1534201690193_Choose Edit Alert.png .

    Finally, click the Delete Alert just above the location you want the alert deleted from. 0_1534201819308_Click Delete Alert.png . Your alert will be removed.

  • Hi @krzysogi , could you try deleting your alert via Favorites (as @JimInSanDiego suggests) or directly via the email (the clickable last line "Edit / Unsubscribe this alert"). Both ways are working for me.

    If it doesn't work for you, please send us the ID of the alert(s) that are concerned. You will find it in the URL when you're on –> the particular alert –> copy and paste the URL. Also please give us info about your OS, device, browser / app version... Thank you.

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