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  • On a moving boat, it’s especially helpful to have your position updated every few minutes (especially when trying to dodge cells in radar mode). In the app, it would be wonderful if the position updated every time a new frame is loaded or every time the My Location was tapped. Also, the position seems to be a low resolution one. There should be the option of using the high resolution GPS one especially since all phones have GPS and can place the position very accurately.

    As long as I’m begging for new features, another would be a projected path for each cell in radar mode as it’s moving along with a minutes axis on the projected course of the cell. That would assist with storm avoidance. It’s sort of AIS for storm. The Storm app used to do that but they’ve removed their app, likely because your app. That app was very useful when you were within a
    Few miles of a cell. This capability needs to auto detect cell centers which shouldn’t be very difficult. Given that, it could also warn you if you’re projected path would intersect a cell within X minutes. That could give you a good warning offshore if there was an approaching group of cells coming your way within a couple of hours.

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    @MVRedHead If you wanted to update your location, you could try closing the app then opening it again to reload your location. And currently, we can do nothing in terms of GPS location accuracy. I would recommend using high accuracy mode for locations if you're using Android.

    Also, currently there is no way for Windy to add a predictive radar feature to the service. It would be way to complicated.

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