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    I have a friend who makes polar expeditions. He told me once: "Ivo, Windyty is great, but try to look at the south pole there". He was right. For some part of a world Mercator projection is not good.

    Let me announce Windyty 5.2 (alias 3D) with globe an some small innovations. I have programmed it in record 14 days, inspired by Cameron Beccario's open source project Earth:

    • From zoom 0 to 4 Windyty is displayed on 3D globe. Higher zooms use old Mercator projection.
    • If you are fan of Mercator, or have really slow device, 3D mode can be disabled in Settings menu (You must reload the browser afterwards).
    • Tested even on slow mobile phones with Android (in Firefox and Chrome, not in Android browser).
    • On slow network globe is even faster then Mercator, because globe data are downloaded just once and stored permanently in browser storage.
    • Map now contains lat/lon grid.
    • Timeline contains "Yesterday" and easy option to display data from last days.
    • Historical calendar https://www.windyty.com/history was a little bit improved, so you can see both: calendar on right side, and at the bottom of the page

    Enjoy Windyty 3D and report any issues


  • Hi,

    Looks great, but the double click zoom in function isn't working on the globe map.

  • Love the App. I'm a Paraglider Pilot and I look to Windyty first before checking other Meteorological conditions. Because if the winds aren't correct it's no use waisting time. Great Job. May I make a suggestion for future updates. Can you make an option that shows Thermal or Lift conditions through out the day in color code. For us Soaring Sports like Gliders, Hangliders, Paragliders. Thanks!!

  • be even better if you could get the hurricane/cyclone models to overlay

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    @davedownunder Well what do you mean exactlly

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    @WillieGuapo One of our programmer is soaring pilot, so probably this will happen

  • Thanks for note on disable.

    On the time/date line, if viewing left to right, the time in red (showing curser location) is hidden by the last used date and time in white.

  • I experience some flickering even when 3D is off. Ubuntu 14.04 Chromium. That said, I didn't experience flickering before Windyty 5.2 was out.

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    @aurimus Too much things for graphical card.

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