Surface Analysis

  • Hi - wonder if you could add a feature to display surface analysis, like location of fronts, lows, highs, troughs, ridges, etc. Static and animated displays would be great. Thank you...

  • Sailor

    Difficult to add fronts as they are drawn by meteorologists, not by numerical weather models.
    With the exception of fronts you have everything you ask on Windy : Lows, Highs, Troughs, Ridges are already available on isobars maps.
    Then you would like animated Fronts. The step of animation on Windy is 3 hours. Usually Weather Services draw 1 or 2 front map for a day, but 8 maps for animation is a tremendous work in particular on a global scale .... with update every 12 h, which mean 16 worldwide maps per day !
    This a job for computers but they are not skill yet to do that.

  • @idefix37 Well, this answered my question. BTW, you are doing a great job. Love Windy!

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