Windy offline application and data over Iridium

  • First, since two years we are sailing criss-cross the ocean, and using windy - the best weather app ever! But what we miss, is using windy on longer passages. There we have to download gfs grib files and have to use an odd grib viewer.
    Is there a chance to get a offline Windy application with a ECWMF grib file download via Iridium? I would start a crowdfounding if i know, there is chance for that. I'm sure, there are many offshore sailors and other "outdoor/remote adventurers" they will highly appreciate such an application. Let me know

  • Sailor Moderator

    One of the reasons why Windy cannot provide ECMWF GRIB files is because of licence agreements:

    Then, as you say, it should be necessary to use a special Windy GRIB application and sailors would ask too for an additional routing function.

    For shorter passages, a good improvement on Windy should be to offer the possibility to keep in memory the forecast up to 5 days for a limited region. But this is not suitable for longer passages.
    (To do that for 2 or 3 days offshore, I use the video screen capture on iPad, but then you need to stop regularly and have a beer in a WiFi spot bar to refresh the forecast... and you too)

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