More important Radar and Severe Whether forcast

  • i find windy to be one of the best program ive seen , only issue is missing stuff and more modifying options.

    first about the radar
    like how you can change the color of for example wind to your liking , it would be nice for this option for radar as well
    a other important thing is velocity radar , knowing if there is rotation or not.

    now for Severe wheather forcast
    seen here
    the outlook would be good to have , showing wind , hail , tornado and even the thunderstorm risk , i know you have somthing close for the thunderstorm risk tought...

    other things would be this for rainfall flashflood.

    a other thing that im unsure..... if it is here or not is... hurricane storm surge, is this added yet? its hard to tell for this part.

    hope these will appear in the future

  • Moderator

    @joshoctober16 - It is quite easy to change the colors and ranges of nearly any layer on Windy. I refer you to one of my previous postings at: for instructions on modifying layers colors. Unfortunately, the radar is not one of the layers which can be changed.

    A while back I proposed a severe weather layer and there seemed to be interest from the programming team. Getting source material worldwide is a major problem. Also, there are many layers where information is available about current weather like the Cape Index and Thunderstorms. I know it is not what you are specifically looking for. Perhaps a Windy exec type person (umm Marie maybe?) can let us all know the status of the many proposed layers and any timetable indicating when they will be available.

  • Sailor

    May I add that Windy only visualizes the raw data from weather forecast super computers and these data are not interpreted by meteorologists. While the risk assessment you're talking about, most often is based on human analysis because it involves multiple parameters. Windy cannot be a substitute for National Meteorological Services for risks prediction if the data are not available from weather numerical models.

  • @idefix37 hm i see understand that part , but are any of the swells storm surge type? if it isnt any of them any plans of adding it?

  • Sailor

    Coastal flooding by storm surge and waves is very difficult to predict :

    There are some numerical forecasts available for US coasts:

    In Europe something similar in Norway.

    Windy offers very good prediction of Waves. See Waves field due to Typhoon Soulik today in SW of Japan :


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