NPM Leaflet 1.x compatability

  • Hi, I remember seeing a notice that the plugin only support NPM Leaflet 0.7.7 and that there are no plans to support 1.x at this stage? I can find the post now.

    Can you confirm if you will support 1.x in the near future?

  • I found the answer here:

    "Windy API is not compatible with higher versions of Leaflet and we have no intention to upgrade so far."

    Have you taken a decision against upgrading to 1.x or is it just a matter of funding/time/priorities?

  • I'd love to get the reason why windy sticks with leaflet 0.7.7 (26-OCT-2015).
    Has leaflet created/removed features that are incompatible with later version?
    Is the reason technical?

  • Administrator

    We consider Leaflet 0.7.7 much faster then other versions.

  • Administrator

    We are investigating upgrade to Leaflet@latest

  • Hi Admin - we are also very interested in this - because we want to use it as Developer and paid Version, but at moment we cant use it, because it is not compatible with actual Version1.2.x of our Backends and we cant use anything with the new API. But we are willing to help, if needed - and i dont know i not a Way that yours can made a patch Version?
    We want to use it in a biggr Boat Backend Applikation and windy was for me the best one, but i cant yet use it as overlay on my Map and i cant use the you have done.

    I am willing to help or also willing to spend some Money to get a Version, i can use here. But i need a Solution i can use until December of the Boatshow in Düsseldorf Germany for our Product - let me know, what you can do or what you are willing to do or if it gives a Way, that i can let work here a Coder from our Company on this - but we need here a Hint, what is exactly to upgrade that Windy will run on our System Leaflet 1.2.0

    Thanks for Answer.. Kasi

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