Font Size (Map Labels)

  • Dear Support,
    Is there a way to increase font size of the labels (city names etc), Please let us know is there is an option from api or any other settings to make the font readable.


  • Moderator

    I don't believe Windy has the ability to change font size (or they hid it from me too, lol). You could always approach it from the computer's systems level. I'm currently using a MacBook Pro and if I change the resolution of the screen in the Display Control Panel, Windy labels can be larger. Unfortunately that also affects every other app I use. Using my two iOS devices, my iPad Pro and iPhone X, I can also change font sizes universally on the devices and I can set the system fonts to be bold too. I use Windows infrequently but I know you can also change display items using system settings in the Control Panels. I have never have used an Android device but I am sure there are system settings similar to iOS.

    Again, when using any of my suggestions, you affect the entire device's screen. It is an option though.

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