How do I get the kite size icons to show up on windy ?

  • I can't figure how to get kite icons to show up on windy ,they are not needed but would be of use for others I share info . with

  • Sailor

    Normally you just need to click on Kite/SW spots in the menu. Kite spots should appear.


  • Thx. I will ck that. I should have been more clear in that I saw a photo posted of kite sizes in place of or maybe in addition to wind speeds,can't remember exactly

  • Moderator

    In addition to what @idefix37 just wrote you can change things on the webpage version of Windy and it automatically appears in apps on Android or iOS. At the bottom right corner of the screen, the kite icon may already be on your Quick Menu.
    0_1536203593942_bottom corner.jpg

    If it isn't there, click the More Layers and you get a list of icons you can have on your Quick Menu. You are allowed 7 icons. If you already have 7 icons, then you will have to turn one off before selecting the kite icon. Everything saves when you close the menu.

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